We are The Print and Sew Station

What Do We Do?

As a small company, we have a lot to offer, from small one-off prints to large club orders. Please take a look at what we offer and how we make our design to see if we can help you too!

Why Pick Us?

We pride ourselves on what we are able to do for our customers. We go the extra mile to make sure we are able to help you as much as we can. Have a look at what we offer but also what others have said about us!

Our Shop

Take a look at the range of products that we offer. You will not be able to order as we need to see what you are after before we can tell you a price, but this will give you an idea of our massive range of garments and colours!

How To Order

To make ordering from us as simple as possible and to make sure we get it right we have created a rough guide on what to do and how to send your ideas over to us.


Pick your Design and Garment

The first step is to pick what you are wanting and what you are thinking of having it on. If you are not 100% sure we are more than happy to guide you as to what will best suit your needs.


Convert your image

Our machines work in a vector format so if you are able to convert your image for this it would be very helpful. If you are not able to we can in-house however this can come with a charge if it does not like the file and we have to edit it.


Send it over

All our quotes are given over email as this is the way we found to be most accurate. Please send us the image, the type of print and the garment type. Again, if you are not sure of any of this please let us know and we will be more than happy to help with what you have.



Each payment will be taken before the order is made so you will be in touch with what is best for you, whether you come in and pay in the shop or over the phone.

Why Pick Us?

Fast Turn Over

High Quality

Great Customer Service

Bespoke Designs

How Do We Stand Out?

Don’t Believe Us, Look At Our Reviews!

It is no good us telling you why we think we are the best, its better coming from our amazing customer! Take a look at our Google and Yell reviews to see what others think of us.

Let Us Know What You Are Thinking!

What We Do?

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is the most durable technique we have, it is the method of pressing vinyl sheets onto the garment.

The sheets are cut out with a cutter and then the unneeded vinyl is weeded off to leave your design. The downside to this method is the required printing temperature of 160 degrees which is not compatible with all garments.

Go to What We Can Print for more information.

A-B Paper

The A-B Paper method is a method for printing designs onto garments using a heat transfer process. This method involves printing the design onto two separate sheets of transfer paper – an “A” sheet and a “B” sheet.


Embroidery is the method of sewing the designs directly onto the garment. We have a large range of machines which are able to produce a wide range of designs, however, it is best to email us your designs first.

Some designs which are too complicated will not come out the way you are after. We always send off a proof of what our machines think it’ll look like before we make them to make sure you are happy.


Different garments are made with different materials, and thus an issue may arise where the garment cannot be printed on.

If you are unsure, please email us a photo of your garment and the washing label and we can advise you.


Media can be protected by copyright and therefore cannot be legally used without proper permission from the original author.

Zippers and Buttons

When picking where to print it is important to consider items on the garments like zippers and buttons, as these can melt under the heat press for the vinyl and A-B paper methods.

Come in and talk to us

We are located in Gosport on Stoke Road. Our opening hours are 09:00 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday (and 09:00 – 13:00 on Saturdays).

We understand it is easier to talk in person so please do pop in and one of us will be happy to help!